From that summer on...

A compilation of things I learn and remember.

Summer Expedition II

Almost didn’t reach Spokane because of the sand storm in Phoenix. Was stranded there overnight. With a help from (then) stranger, I reached Spokane the next day! Then, we drove off to Montana - Glacier National Park

That place is heavenly. Compared to the last trip, NV was hell and MT was heaven lol, with the breathtaking sceneries and weather (not saying I hate NV/AZ, just by comparison. They are that different!)
GNP: swiftcurrent lake in the morning; iceberg lake trail, hence iceberg lake;  logan pass; saint mary lake (wildgoose island).

Then we left. half of us went on to Canada, my half went back to Spokane.

Dropped off a friend at the airport. Then, Palouse Falls. Slept. Woke up to a late breakfast, then drove off to the Palouse Hills. 

Flew back to LAX, the chaotic city. 

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